Training camp

To have a horse fully develop, good training facilities are essential. Our goal is to aim for perfection which entails hard work and love and respect for the animals. Here at Haras de Corneville we believe we can live up to this standard.

the training camp measures 30 hectare and is fully drained
there are two training tracks, respectively 800 and 900 meters in length
we also have a straight track of 1.000 meters which includes a slope
all the tracks have the same under soil as the racetrack at Cabourg

Next to this, Haras the Corneville offers fields and paddocks with shelter, 42 spacious high outdoor stables, 3 harness rooms, a workshop, a forge and 2 spacious storage rooms.

Our training camp offers peace and space. All paddocks are equipped with good, safe, solid fencing. The various hippodromes are within easy reach of Haras de Cornville.

14140 Les Authieux Papion

Tel. 0033 (0) 231 639 813